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Top hd movies 2015 free download among the most anticipated films of 2015 2015 will donate not less pleasant moments of movie fans. Plan to come many new movies from various genres. These are great comedies, horror movies, classic detective or war movies in style fantasy, children and multfilmi. Among the list of most anticipated movies for 2015 year are: 1. “Terminator 5”. Terminator is obliged to protect Sarah Connor from the enemies who want to destroy it before born John Connor. 2. “Star Wars” Episode 7. Continuation of world famous saga of George Lucas, under the guidance of director JJ. JJ. Abrams. 3. “Mission: Impossible 5”. Sequel to the popular movie series of agent Ethan Hunt. 4. “Sherlock Holmes 3”. Writer – Drew Pierce. Criminal adventure thriller. 5. “The Avengers 2: Age of Ultron”. Created to protect our planet and humanity from external threat, AI Ultron suddenly considered a major threat to the planet humanity itself. It turns on the border of destruction. The only hope for the planet’s inhabitants are characters with amazing abilities – Avengers. 6. “AssassinS creed”. Assassins creed – adaptation of a popular video game. 7. “Passengers”. The plot is built on passenger spaceship that suddenly emerges from cryogenic sleep for 90 years, before the end of the flight. There is no possibility to re-load with anabioza and knowing that 90 years was in solitude, the hero wakes one of the passengers. 8. “I Robot 2”. Fiction, in which the robot violates the laws of robotics and was persecuted for it. 9. “Indiana Jones” 5. The old Jones is back to work. New story, new adventure, a new adventure. Set in the Bermuda Triangle. Directed by Steven Spielberg. 10. “The third is superfluous 2”. Sequel to the popular comedy about a man, a woman and teddy bear toy. In the new season on the screens you will see another sequel to “Justice League”, “Chappie”, “At the heart of the sea”, “Warcraft”, “Avatar 2”, “The Revanant “,” Jurrasic World “,” Captain Nemo, “” Exodus, Kings and Gods “. Expect them!New hd movies 2015 free download

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