New HD movies 14 free in 2016 – A must read to have a great time this year with a lot of variety
Often times, people desire to have a great time with family and friends by watching the latest releases on the big screens. This is all to have fun with the new releases and include it in the collection of CD’s. Are you a great ardent of watching the first day, first show of new Hollywood and Bollywood releases? Watch free HD.You may be as there is a lot of variety in both the film industries in the script and storyline, which heaps rich rewards at the box office every year and achieve more awards for the performance and action. Well, better than 2015, you have new movies coming out in 2016 which are:

• Thrill
• Action
• Comedy
• Romance and love
• Suspense/ adventure
• Psychological
It makes you to watch the release day, which is a tested formula for every movie. The movies coming out in 2015 are going to present a complete package of entertainment both by Hollywood and Bollywood that concerns a lot to the society. For sure, you are going to have a fabulous time watching movies on the big screen or on your LED screen at home which is a lot in demand. The main reason for people to be excited to watch the movies, going to hit the theaters this year is due to the special features, strong storyline and an excellent backup of a story line. Even in most of the Asian countries, Hollywood movies are preferred to watch as there are better movies every time with lots of graphics which presents a real scene of action and amazing acts by the protagonists.
New Movies in 2016
• The woman in Black 2 Angel of Death
• Taken 3 online coming soon
• Selma free download
• Cake
• Paper Planes
• Black hat Download free movies 2016
• Testament of Youth
• The wedding Ringer
• Vice
• Black sea
• Everly
• Strange Magic
• The Boy Next Door
• Amityville The Awakening
• Jupiter Ascending
• Fifty shades of Grey
• Dragonheart 3
• Dragon Blade horror movies in HD
• Focus
• Hitman Agent 47
• Furious 7
New full HD movies 14 2016 with solid story line
The above new releases are full of passion, thrill, action, entertainment, comedy and romance, which give a good combination of entertainment. Nowadays, due to the advancement in technology every minute, new gadget is released and found in the hands of youth to have fun downloading latest movies of 2016 for free and watch in any corner of comfort. Well new movies coming out in 2016 are different when compared to previous year’s releases as they are about new concepts, revolutionary ideas, inspirational thoughts and new techniques of making the film.
If you are with the plans to watch new releases at home than the theaters, then you have many sites with latest movie free download for android without any scam in full but with good quality to enjoy every dialogue, action and romantic scene which makes the picture different to the previous cinema. Don’t make any advance plans to reach to the theater, instead bookmark the dates to book tickets and enjoy the films. Praise the script and drama of the heroes and heroines for bringing good appraisal to the new releases!

Taken 3 online coming soon