Poltergeist horror movie 2015 free download

Against the sun
Three US Navy airmen found themselves on a small life raft that is surrounded by the ocean after crashing their torpedo bomber in the middle of the South Pacific. They have to survive starvation, awful storms and many more obstacles.
Poltergeist horror movie 2015 free download

Poltergeist horror movie 2015 free download
The movie is considered a revisionist that is taken on the classic horror movie. The classic movie is about a family moving to a suburban old house. While trying to make ends meet, they face even more obstacles. Their youngest daughter is kidnapped by an angry spirit – a poltergeist. The poltergeist is challenging them to band together in order to save her.New 2015 free download for mobile,horror,comedy,action,adventure,fantasy films…
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Аngela Holmes is a 27 year old girl that cuts her finger accidentally. She went to the emergency and the infection of the finger leads to strange erratic behavior. She starts having a devastating effect on everybody. This effect causes injuries and death. Some believes she is possessed but there is something different.

Rates : 29