New Movies In 2016
2015 turned out be quite the shocker in regards to new movies – at the start of the year I really thought it was going to be a bore but since August more and more interesting movies have been popping up for me to see. A lot of them you can find online – yes, that is right, you read it right – full online movies for you to see and that’s not it ! There are a lot of full new movies with BG audio available so you won’t have to overcomplicate things by searching for subtitles and such.
Way back in the early 00s it used be a lot harder to find new movies than it is now and don’t get me even started on movies with english audio – you’d have to wait at the very least for 4-5 years for them to come up. But nowadays companies and TV channels spend much more money in order to stay competitive and turn in releases way faster so it is only natural that they get ripped on the internet so quickly.
A lot of new online movies pro 2016 have made quite the splash – garnering a lot of positive comments and appraisal from movie critics – one for starters is Gone Girl which is directed by David Fincher and stars Ben Affleck. It is bound to get a few awards at the Oscars next year. (Matt Damon keep your fingers crossed for your buddy Ben)
Another movie that is coming out in 2016 and is worth your time is definitely Nightcrawler with Jake Gyllenhaal who simply channels Patrick Bateman to perfection in the first trailer that was released a month ago.
Regarding transformations we must point your attention to Foxcatcher – the new movie starring Steve Carrel and Channing Tatum. Carrel who’s been put early in the Academy award race is unrecognizable in his new role and will leave you guessing for hours after the end credits roll on.
All of these and many more new xmovies8 with english audio are bound to come out sooner than later but until then you can watch some definite classics in the movie genre. For example – The Godfather (skip part III if you are not a fan of the “loud Pacino”), The Terminator (Arnie will be back once again in 2016), Total Recall and seeing as Christmas is just 2 months away – why not Home Alone. (Joe Pesci has never been funnier).